There is a day in each and everyone's life that, though inescapable, is never planned. The individuals who have had a near death experience never expected it to take place on the day that it did. A unique quality, however of the NDE is in the profound way and depth in which each of us has been changed from that moment of returning. The NDE'ers I've read about or know personally have become angels, if you will, of Love, of kindness and of help to those they come in contact with.

With a completely inexplicable change in perception, NDE'ers for the most part have altered the way in which they live their lives. That dramatic shift in perception created a new understanding by which to move forward into Life with and through a Love few can scratch the surface of when trying to express it.

Christa Doornewaard's


Christa Doornewaard resides in the Netherlands and is a young NDEer who is making a change in the world we all live in. 

"OneDay's" mandate is to IMPACT a million lives and Living Souls with the peaceful, Soulfulness of the lessons learned from having Died.