The NDE Factor


The Journey of Life

For so many people the world over the journey of and through life has become such an overwhelming struggle. Trying hard to piece together fragments of our experiences to make sense of the physical aspects of living. Like an enormous puzzle in which we have little understanding of the shapes, lines and curves of its parts we miss the obvious interlocking component to the moments of life.

Trekking off on a never ending cycle of search through books, seminars, spiritual gurus, one fact remains. The people of NDEs and their stories help to heal others, while answering the major internal questions that have driven existence onward. "Why am I here, Where did I come from, and where am I going?"   

The NDE Factor

Is there a unique quality to the factor of Near Death Experiences? I believe there exists several. The essence or presences of Being by an individual who has had an NDE is unique to the experience, which has a calming effect on other people around them. Although there are other qualities of the NDE the obvious one would have to be that NDEs give each of us the fact there is so much more to hold on to. In turn creating a need to rethink our physical existence and how we live the valuable moments of our lives.    

All walks of Life

Though the Near Death Experiences of those in North America have been publicized more over the past several decades they most certainly are not relegated to just that location. Individuals such as Seva Hiras of Athens Greece pictured above points to the fact that NDE's happen to ALL walks of Life from every corner of the globe. Now Seva and many more are stepping forward to help others.  

The Experience is the message
Nearly all NDE'ers come back with a message of one type or another. For some it is a personal message for themselves to integrate into their lives, while others are for the people they know and perhaps for the world population at large. These and others are the stories or chapters within the book so to speak, yet it is the book itself as a whole that is of greater importance.