Carmel Bell

I first died when I was four-years-old. In that brief NDE (Near Death Experience), I met Jesus and an Archangel. I had no idea who the Archangel was or was meant to be. I just talked to him because he was there with Jesus. I knew who Jesus was because my parents were Catholic.

At that time I wanted to be a doctor but Archangel told me I would not be. He told me that instead I would do this – Medical Intuition – and use his energy to do it. The Archangel ‘gave’ this energy to me and I returned to life with his energy on my hand. Being four, I did very little with his energy until I died again during an operation when I was 17. During that second NDE I re-met this Archangel and Jesus. They told me that I had made a few wrong turns in my life so far and they redirected me back towards Medical Intuition.

I spent the next few years learning and practicing what I thought was the right thing to do, in between running a successful dress-making business for myself.

Over the years, I found that challenges kept being thrown at me that kept placing me back on this path. At one time it was suggested by a doctor that I may have lung cancer because I was so unwell and I was smoking. I listened to him, thanked him and left his office, never returning. Instead, I sorted out my life and used Metatronic Energy to heal myself. The lung cancer has never returned.

But I did not realize until about 1985 when I was learning clairvoyance, that what I was doing –combining my intuitive skills with the medical knowledge that I had taught myself – was my calling. I was actually doing what I had been told I would do by Metatron, but without realizing it. The moment I made that realization, I started working in this profession consciously. I was excited but I was also afraid. I had never even heard of Edgar Cayce. Caroline Myss was still unknown. I was on my own. But I was driven.

I found myself being a Medical Intuitive on the side, keeping it quiet and yet becoming busier and busier until Medical Intuition took over. I coined the phrase Aura Diagnostician to describe my profession and in 1993 opened up my own clinic.

By 1994 I was busier than ever and then in 1996, Caroline Myss published her signature book ‘Anatomy of Spirit’ and the groundswell started to grow rapidly. It was then that people started to call me a Medical Intuitive.

In 1999, I diagnosed myself with a Pituitary tumor and Cushing’s disease and had it confirmed medically. Despite now having this awful disease, I kept very well and fit.

In 2007, I realized I was going to die but I knew it was not from the brain tumor. My Guides informed me that my heart was going to fail, even though I could not discover anything abnormal with my heart. I informed my medical practitioner of my concerns but all the tests she ran, including a halter monitor, came back as “normal”.

On February 15th 2009, I died.

During my sleep I had a sudden cardiac arrest from unknown causes. Bernie found me and began resuscitation, but it took him and six other paramedics 47 minutes to bring me back, leaving me with severe global brain damage caused by Hypoxic Brain Injury.

However, I was not prepared to accept the diagnosis and expected outcomes, so began my own rehabilitation. Since then I have spent the past seven years using Metatronic Energy and my own skill set successfully rebuilding my brain and body to a level that is unrecognizable as damaged. I am now planning another series of courses in Medical Intuition and Metatronic Energy Healing. I’m also seeing clients and running regular events.


Robert Neal Marshall

Director/Co-Executive Producer - BACK FROM THE LIGHT

Robert is a Near Death Experience Survivor after a 100% blockage on Aug 3, 2013 caused his heart to go into ventricular fibrillation [the “Widow Maker”]. He flatlined and was clinically dead a minute and a half before being resuscitated. While gone, his consciousness was vividly alive transporting him into the light for a powerfully reunion with departed relatives, and a life review that showed him the profound Universal connections and the "ripple" effect we all have on each other. Coping with being back was a stunning challenge, as it is for so many. He met and teamed up with Co-Producer Yvonne Sneeded to produce the documentary BACK FROM THE LIGHT ( which explores the complicated and challenging aftereffects of a Near Death Experience. This film is part of a very personal journey for Robert to help others, their families & friends who have been through the same, and to help educated those in the medical and other industries to better understand what Near Death survivors go through on a regular basis. Robert’s blog Providence of the Heart provides more details on his experience ( and he participated in a live presentation program IGNIGHT Howard County, recorded for YouTube, where he had 5 minutes to deliver a brief account of his NDE (

In addition to working the past eight years as a top rated guest speaker for the award winning Cunard Insights® Enrichment Programme on board the Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria, Robert is a graduate of New York University Film. For over a year and a half, Robert was a Casting Associate for Casting Director Pat Moran, C.S.A. (THE WIRE, HAIRSPRAY, HOMICIDE:LIFE ON THE STREET) and was a proud member of the team to win an Emmy® Award for casting GAME CHANGE starring Julianne Moore, directed by Jay Roach and an Emmy® Nomination for casting Season one of VEEP starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, both for HBO.

Some of Robert’s early film credits include Assistant Camera and Production Management on several Industrials for Jack Lieb Productions. Robert was Post Production Manager for the late Shirley Clarke on ORNETTE COLEMAN: MADE IN AMERICA for Caravan of Dreams, and was Script Supervisor with Regina Ziegler Produktions, Berlin, Germany on DIE FAMILIE SCHROFFENSTEIN for ZDF.
Robert’s documentary DVD THREE QUEENS-AN INTERNATIONAL RENDEZVOUS, released in 2008 to coincide with the final journey of the QE2, is available online as well as on board all three Cunard liners. His documentary MR. OCEAN LINER, about the life and times of maritime historian and author Bill Miller, had its World Premiere aboard Queen Mary 2 and made its Lincoln Center and New York City premiere in High Definition as part of “Cinematic Passages: The Ocean Liner on Screen” at the new Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center.

In the early 1980‘s Robert had the opportunity to move into theatrical production in the West End of London as Assistant to late producer Richard Armitage on several hit shows, including ME AND MY GIRL starring Emma Thompson & Robert Lindsay, HIGH SOCIETY starring Natasha Richardson, directed by Richard Eyre, THE ENTERTAINER, and Rowan Atkinson’s one man show A NEW REVUE. While in London Robert produced and directed the successful West End debut of IS THERE LIFE AFTER HIGH SCHOOL? at the Donmar Warehouse.

As a member of the Lincoln Center Theatre Directors’ Lab, Robert met and collaborated with composer Tim Battle from Boys Choir of Harlem. Together they adapted Diane Stanley’s Award winning book RUMPELSTILTSKIN’S DAUGHTER into a children’s musical that has been presented to critical acclaim in the prestigious Assembly Rooms at the Edinburgh Festival, at the National Theatre in DC as part of their Saturday Morning Series, and for Theatre IV, the State Children’s Theatre of Virginia. A 2011 mounting as part of the Earl’s Court Festival in London brought new attention to this joyful adaptation.

Stage productions & tour management include FRIED CHICKEN & LATKES starring Rain Pryor and AFTER ALL starring Tony Award nominated actress Anita Gillette. Robert’s new play 41N 50W based on the 1912 Titanic Senate hearings showcased recently at the new St. James Theatre in London and is currently under development for larger production in both the United Kingdom and the United States.
More recently, Robert was Casting Director and Production Manager on a new Comedy Feature Film THE NIGHT WATCHMEN, and is a Co-Producer with the newly formed On Deck Films, LLC creating new feature films.


Pegi Robinson

Bio details to follow...