Alan R. Stevenson

On January the 1st 2009, after a twenty year journey, Alan like so many others came to the end of that walk with the mother of his children. In a peaceful way the parting took place, though unsure and somewhat lost as to a direction in such an unfamiliar point from which to stand and perceive life from. Finding some solace within the solitude of photography that summer of 09'. Winter set in once again in the Niagara area of Ontario Canada while Alan struggled to find hope for a meaningful life he once saw through shinny eyes as a young boy. The things of life just didn't seem to make much sense anymore.

On February 26th 2010 Alan made his way six city blocks through a snowstorm not seen since the blizzard of 77' to get to work. With an extreme pain filling his chest he pushed on through knee deep snow and hollowing winds. Just after getting on a city bus Alan suffered what is known as a widow maker heart attack. Dying in a seat just behind the bus driver but not before finally asking for her to call 911.

A ten minute sideways sojourn into the "other-side" and an NDE ensued. After coming back Alan was rushed to a local hospital and then onto a further away hospital for surgery.

Living was restored but not life itself, however Alan was filled with a Loving joy he'd never really known before. A new perception of reality, and a new perspective of life.

Alan R. Stevenson is a son of a son and father to two gems, Founder of OneDay and a best selling author of the book "I Had to Die to Learn How to Live" and now a speaker of understanding, of help and of Love to show people the difference in "What" we all are, as opposed to "Who" we think we are. Alan is a RealLife Coach and a learning Spirit Translator. 



Yvonne Sneeden

In 2008, a life crisis led to Yvonne Sneeden having a near-death experience. During her experience, Yvonne entered a heavenly realm filled with all Loving Light and encountered Jesus and various angelic beings. Yvonne is a member of both IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies) and ACISTE (American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences).

Deep emotional life crisis lead to Yvonne’s Near Death Experience, in conjunction with strong medicines for heart arrhythmia. This profound and powerful life changing event, during which Yvonne visited a part of the place she calls ‘Heaven’ where she had a magnificent encounter wit Christ. She transcended her faith and heightened her understanding of Love, Compassion, Goodness, Kindness, and Acceptance of all. Since her profound experience, Yvonne is striving to bring the elements of the NDE into her daily life and in her interaction with others. She feels it is important to share what she learned from her NDE experience and bring the All Loving Presence she experienced in heaven to help each and everyone of us to live a better life here in the now. Prior to her NDE, Yvonne’s professional career background includes working in the foreign diplomatic service in Europe. This has enabled her to meet people from around the world with very different backgrounds and through the course of her career, she has realized that regardless of the level of social and public influence people exercise, we are all on a journey towards learning how to love, if we allows the traumas and challenges of lessons learned to bring us in a higher spiritual inner place.

Yvonne is the executive co-producer together with Robert Neal Marshall of “Back From The Light”, a film-documentary focusing on the near death experience survivors and the after effects. This film is apropos because it helps Experiencers realize they are among many, around the world, who had a similar experience and have to live with the remembrance of an event which has no earthly point of comparison. The film is an exciting journey bringing together Near Death Experiencers, family and friends, with the specific focus on the after-effects of such a life transforming experience and how they have readjusted to a ‘normal’ life. It takes us into a journey of exploration of what life is like on a daily basis, following the “return”, on an emotional and physiological level, and how spiritual beliefs and relationship drastically changed.. The film premiered at the Internatinal Association for Near Death Studies' national conference in San Antonio Texas in 2015.

For more information on Yvonne’s experience:



 https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=57jA2Tl2NkU


Robert Tremblay

Robert was born and raised in northern Vermont. He is a decorated Veteran of the US Army where he served as a Combat Medic with the 118th Airborne Corp. He later served with the National Guard as a Helicopter Paramedic. Robert’s career after the military led him into Law Enforcement in New Hampshire. After being hired as the youngest Chief of Police in the country, Robert changed careers the day after arresting the entire board of selectman in his own town. Robert then became an Investigator and trainer in locating missing persons, and later began a career in the finance world. After that, Robert spent the next 18 years in the automotive industry training sales management and finance professionals in the difference of positive thinking and energy and its impact on our success. Robert became an Accredited National Speaker and Trainer and traveled around the country teaching until his illness in February, 2011. Robert spent the next four years battling multiple diseases and surgeries in a fight for his life, including a journey through Hospice. But he never did it alone. That is the most important point in his entire life, he believes. The power of a team collectively has been a compelling aspect of his career in life and his brushes with death. Robert now lives in Arizona enjoying his survival.