Mindy Speranza

Mindy for the most part grew up in an institution for abused children. She also later went on to marry an abusive man. Through all that Mindy lost many things in life over and over again. She came to the conclusion that everything she touched turned bad. After a while blaming all of it on God not liking her as she convinced herself she was the perfect victim. After a lifetime of this Mindy came to a point where she simply wanted to dye, "I was done with life." However, Mindy decided to exist as a shell just to stay alive in order to raise her children. "I would no longer have hopes or dreams or feelings." Thinking that was a great idea, at least until God stepped in and took her to the other side. It is here at this point she learned the meaning of life and why we are all here. Mindy experienced Gods incredible love and came back with the information and lessons to teach others. "That's what I intend to do. This has become my calling and my life purpose." With a new understanding she feels herself to no longer being that victim she once was. "I'm back from the other side and I've changed and it's not only for me but also for anyone who wishes to put into practice what I've learned, done and now can teach others!


Sharon Milliman

Sharon Milliman was born in Ohio as the middle daughter of three girls. Currently married, Mrs. Milliman has two adult daughters and lives in West Virginia. Mrs. Milliman worked in the banking industry for over 15 years. After she retired from her job, Mrs Milliman became involved with the foster care program and has volunteered for many years at area hospitals and churches giving back to her community. She had also spent several years as a home health caregiver, caring for her aged parents, specifically her mother who had end stage Alzheimer’s. For two years Mrs. Milliman served on the board of directors for a nonprofit organization called The Wings of The Whispering Wind, a organization dedicated to creating a model for an eco-friendly, self-sustainable community.

Because she has had two near death experiences, she has been a guest on several radio shows as well as working closely with Joseph Varley at Klay AM Talk Radio on a show called "Joseph Varley Presents" where they have presented several shows about Near Death Experiences, life and death and life beyond death. Most prominently, Mrs. Milliman was featured on The National Geographic Channel in a show titled ‘Return from the Dead' about Near Death Experience. The show aired in the April 17, 2016. Mrs. Milliman has presented as a guest speaker at a number of spiritually oriented groups including the IANDS groups in Raleigh NC and Durham NC. Because of having two near death experiences and numerous spiritually transformative experiences, Mrs.Milliman has a deep interest in how God moves through the lives of herself and others, making her a pilgrim and supporter to many within the NDE community as well as her broader community. She does this through listening, giving voice to her experiences and through her inspirational writing. Mrs. Milliman plans to continue her work to promote God’s unconditional love to a hurting world.

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Tom Leach

Ever wonder if there’s more to life than just feeling like you’re trudging through it? Have you pondered the deeper meaning of the challenging, or even painful, relationships and events you’ve experienced? Wanna know what in the world a cosmic 2x4’ is? Then meet Rev. Tom Leach and hear one man’s journey into complete “humanhood”, the challenges along the way, the big Cosmic 2x4’s that changed his direction and the joy of seeing life in a whole new way. And most of all, share in the hope of a better tomorrow and the belief that there is something special on the other side!!!

In early 2008, Tom had his second near death experience (NDE) which significantly and forever, changed how he saw his own life and the world around him.

Rev. Tom Leach has been on a spiritual path for most of his life. Raised Roman Catholic, he was an altar boy when he was young, fully expecting to become a priest. Although the Roman Catholic Church provided foundational principles, he continued to have questions that were not being answered. Somehow, he knew there was more.

For more than two decades, Tom has been studying different religious paths from around the world. He looks for the truth within each path, especially where everyone and everything is honored. From ancient cultures to modern-day contemporaries, Tom has studied current well-known thinkers like Neale Donald Walsh (Conversations with God) and Dan Millman (Peaceful Warrior). Growing his spiritual base over his lifetime has allowed Rev. Tom to be of service to more people with new-found guideposts that instead of limiting him, now allow for the knowing he has had all along. With his spiritual grounding and the “unity” philosophy that he carries, Rev. Tom truly walks the path of a “Peaceful Warrior.”

While he has been doing spiritual counseling much of his life, including serving as a Chaplin for his fire department, Rev. Tom became a Oneness Blessing Giver in 2011 and was ordained in 2013 by Rev. Dan Chesbro of the Sanctuary of the Beloved, under the Order of Melchizedek.

Rev. Tom fits in anywhere, in any crowd, and with the many hats he has worn – entrepreneur, comedian, trainer and customer service leader, administrator, firefighter/EMT/Chaplain and professional photographer, to name a few – his spiritual grounding and philosophy is now his guiding compass. And you’ll feel his powerfully-peaceful presence through his calm and centered disposition.