Books Authored by our Speakers

Robert Tremblay
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Twenty-Seconds is a true story of an ordinary man who traveled an extraordinary road from near death to healing after two terminal diagnoses, including a journey through Hospice and a Near Death Experience (NDE) that changed everything at exactly the right time.

Peter Panagore
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When Peter Baldwin Panagore died on the side of a mountain, his life was forever changed. Decades later, the intense spiritual journey continues, with a story that combines the thrills of a wilderness adventure with the awe-inspiring elements of a paranormal novel.

Mindy Speranza
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Mindy C. Speranza has had a difficult life. She grew up in an abusive home, was sent to several institutions, and ended up a single mom, forced to raise her two children alone. She has dangerous conflicts with her neighbor and is forced out of her business by her partner. All of this would be enough to make anyone quit and declare that there is no God and nothing awaiting us after this life.