Speaker's Books


David Bennett

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In his second book, Energy Healer and Transformational Coach David Bennett uses contemplations to develop a center of focus in meditation and during daily life. The contemplations in this book provide a subject for serious thought or consideration into the reader’s divine nature.


Alan R. Stevenson

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Many aspects of physical and non-physical reality were learned during Alan's near death experience, though, his most prominent understanding is; "It is the lesson of Being in a physical world we have yet to learn. Our blind spots are many and knowledge of what is truly important...little. Much in the same way that we know little about and do not understand death, the same is also true as to what we honestly think we know about Life."


Sharon Milliman

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In her groundbreaking book, Sharon Milliman shares her near-death experience and subsequent journey of spiritual growth. In sharing what lies beyond life after death, Sharon passionately speaks about the ultimate and ever-present love of God. But her transformative experiences do not end there.